We provide a 3-day money back guarantee from time of artwork delivery.

If you’re looking to return an item, or get a refund from an order on National Art Gallery, contact us immediately at hello at nationalartgallery dot com or use our contact form.

To file a return on National Art Gallery, a buyer must meet return time eligibility and transaction eligibility.

  • You can only use one method of dispute resolution against sellers on National Art Gallery. So if you have filed a chargeback with your credit card company, you cannot also file a case. If you file a chargeback after opening a case on National Art Gallery, that National Art Gallery case will be closed.
  • If each item has different processing times, the item with the longest processing time will be used to determine eligibility for the entire order.

Please note: A buyer who paid via PayPal may have a limited time frame in which to file a claim for refund of purchase under PayPal’s policies. PayPal’s process is separate from National Art Gallery’s return system.

Transaction Eligibility

There are two types of return cases that a buyer can open:

  • Non-Delivery Return:

A Non-Delivery occurs when a buyer places an order and submits payment, but does not receive the item. A few examples of Non-Delivery cases:

  • An item was never sent.
  • An item was sent to an address that is not on the National Art Gallery receipt.
  • There is no proof that the item was shipped to the delivery city/state and zip code.


2) Not as Described Return: 

An item is Not as Described if it is materially different from the seller’s listing description and photos. Here are a few examples of Not as Described cases:

  • The item received is a different color, model, version, or size.
  • The item has a different design or material.
  • The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic.
  • The seller failed to disclose the fact that an item is damaged or is missing parts.
  • A buyer purchased three items but only received two.
  • The condition of the item is misrepresented. For example, the description at the time of purchase said the item was “new” and the item is used.

Please contact us if you have further questions or need additional clarification.